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Do you want to build great habits from the old ones? Replacing those consistently? Understanding what else in life you’ve got to make so that you can truly access your True and Highest Potential.

That starts by choosing to commit small steps daily and consistently…

In this episode, Victor shared bits of the wheels and pillars from his book “Accessing Your True Potential,” the importance of each wheel, and how they co-dependent on one another. I love how he shared where the inspiration came from and how much he took the time to combine many practices and strategies in this book that are super practical and great to read. So we all can start somewhere, keep those goals on going, to live a healthier, happy, and along with our truest and highest Potential.

We’ve covered many relatable conversations that you don’t want to miss as a parent, kid, and individual in this busy and lots of destruction.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Keep Failing, Fail Fast, and Fail Often to be Successful
  • Obesity is a Mental Issue
  • Always OPEN for Learning
  • Explore and Stay Curious
  • Have an Open Mind
  • The 80% Rule
  • Love Yourself
  • Each Wheel is Co-Dependant (Health, Clarity, Power & Peace) to access your true Potential
  • The Power of NOW
  • Social Media Platform Can Be a Powerful Tool when used right
  • Too Much of Anything Will Kill You
  • Develop Self Awareness
  • The Importance of Effective Routines
  • Don’t Take Things Too Personally
  • Start Slow, Replace Old Habits with New Habits that will Serve You
  • Start NOW

Want to finally create great habits to stick to and do them consistently? Hopeful that this episode will bring more motivation to you; watch this episode now:

β€œContinuous effortβ€”not strength or intelligenceβ€”is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Winston Churchill

01: 39 – 04:03 >>>Story of Victor Calabrese
04:03 – 09:37 >>>The Inspiration for Creating The Book “Accessing Your True Potential”
09:49 – 16:55 >>>Supporting Health Wheel – the Importance of Nutrition & Each Wheel
16:55 – 23:33 >>>Spiritual Work & Benefits
23:45 – 30:10 >>>Thoughts on Social Media: Parents & Kids
29:58 – 31:24>>>Sense of Self Awareness
31:24 – 34:45>>>How To Keep Yourself Optimistic?
36:33 – 42:44>>>Where to Grab the Book and To Find Victor Calabrese?
39:01 – 43:45>>>BONUS QUESTION!


One of the things that most of us struggle with is keeping consistent with our daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals – that we tend to see ourselves just running the circles all over again – with this “Accessing Your True Potential”, Victor restress the POWER of NOW and replacing small old habit to a new one that serves you.

What Victor and I would love for you to experiment and explore – first, grab your copy so you have more guidelines and understanding. And the next step, ask yourself what you are willing to take 1 tiny step that you want to improve on. It could be losing weight, having better sleep, reducing the browsing time for social media, less watching tv time, reducing junk food, etc. Let’s reemphasize enjoying the process, focusing daily on how this tiny step makes you a better version of yourself. Don’t be so caught up with the thoughts that you SHOULD be way better now, keep focusing on small yet consistent actions – focus on you – focus on your long-term goals. Only compete with your past self, the old you, to reveal your BEST SELF.

We would love to hear what lesson(s) you’ve learned from this episode that you truly feel is valuable to you and why?

No matter how big or small you want to achieve, take action now, use everything you learned from this episode, and keep going for your goals. Take small steps every day.

– Be Unstoppable –

Thank you for watching and reading! I appreciate you…Please share it with anybody you know who will benefit from this episode for accessing True Potential!

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