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Did you ever feel scarcity around you as you grew up? Maybe that feeling stuck with you as you got older.

Our next guest, Bill, knows that feeling well. He grew up in an environment where scarcity was a big fear. He thought he needed to look after himself and his family, and he worked hard from a young age to earn money. Even though he achieved financial success, something felt off. He’s managed to change his perspective and elevate his mindset, and now he’s here to share his journey and tips with us.

Bill Carmody is the Chief Coaching Officer for Positive Intelligence, a company recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States, according to Inc Magazine. Along with CEO Shirzad Chamine, Bill has supported more than 55,000 coaches globally to become mentally fit through their coaching grant program. He has a passion for helping coaches eradicate scarcity and tap into their infinite abundance to elevate the business end of their coaching business.
The purpose of Bill’s life is to be an inspirational leader who solves problems and creates
breakthroughs for himself and others. He works with world-changing visionaries who are
brave enough to build a better future.

I had an amazing conversation diving into this topic with Bill, and in this episode, we want to share that encouragement and inspiration with you. There are endless possibilities out there if we stay open, aligned with our true selves, and open to seeking guidance. Just like Bill’s transformation, you, too, can elevate your life and business into abundance.

Eradicate your Scarcity Mindset through:
  • Understanding the True Meaning of Abundance, and not just in the material wealth
  • Mental Fitness vs. Mental Health
  • The Lie of Entrepreneurialism – Rise and Grind, and Must-Know-Everything Attitude
  • Not Being Taught to Be Authentic Self
  • What Other People Think of You is NONE of Your Business
  • Focusing on your LONG-TERM Vision to make an impact
  • Strategy to Level Up Your Business
  • Use Masterful Marketing to Elevate Your Business
  • Actual Experience of How Bill Helped Cindy Marie to Narrow Down Her Niche in Coaching
  • Understanding How Coaching A Powerful Tool to Elevate Your Life and Business
  • Belief to Embody: Life is Happening For Me, Not To Me
  • Be Genuinely in a Place of Ease and Flow – it’s Okay to be in a Crunch Time.
Time Stamps:

02:26       Bill Carmody’s Story helped him Eradicate the Scarcity Mindset
07:41       Definition of Mental Fitness and Its Effective Method to Live in Authentic Version Of Self
12:15        The Lies of Hustling and Bustling Culture in Life and Business
17:47        Being in the Present Moment
21:26        Positive Intelligence Grant Program for Coaches
27:39       The Truth Behind “I am NOT good at Marketing, etc.” Understanding what Marketing is really and how to Shift that Mindset.
36:36        Actual Shifting to Narrow Your Niche and Living with Your Authentic Voice
42:02        Do We Really Need a Coach? The Benefits of Having One
46:57        How Do You Keep Yourself Optimistic?
48:41        The PQ WealthBuilder Program
53:10        Where to Find and Connect with Bill Carmody?


As we think about these ideas we have from this episode, we might start thinking about how we do things in our lives and businesses. Abundance is beyond having lots of stuff; it’s all about having good relationships, living with purpose, and growing as a person. And mental fitness means actively working on our ability to bounce back from tough times and keeping a positive attitude. We’re gonna shake things up by questioning the idea that we always have to work super hard and know everything. Let’s be real and not worry about what others think. Keeping our attention on the present, aiming for significant goals ahead, and being mindful of how we promote our business while staying authentic are vital for business growth. Remember, life isn’t happening to usβ€”it’s happening for us. Embrace the flow, especially during challenging times.

I leave this question to you: What specific steps will you take to prioritize mental fitness, embrace authenticity, and align your actions with your long-term vision in life and business?

Take the tough times as your driving force to reach abundance in life.

– Be Unstoppable β€“
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