Hello, I’m Cindy Marie! Thank you for being here 😊 Want to learn more about me? Originally from the Philippines, I’ve lived in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore, primarily building my career and self-discovery. In 2020, my husband and I moved to Spain to embark on a new journey, continuing my multi-passionate pursuits with the HIGHEST MISSION and PURPOSE to serve people and the planet.

What am I passionate about? Singing, working out, dancing, photography, traveling, storytelling, serving, mindful living, cooking, and baking – these activities energize me. I prioritize them because why stop when they add positivity and bring more joy to life? πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Prior to founding this website with invaluable support from my husband, my professional journey led me to a video-on-demand streaming service. Here, I gained expertise in video editing, subtitling, a touch of marketing, content curation, and much more. This experience ignited my passion for video creation, sharpened my creative skills, and fueled my commitment to serving as a>Coach<, dedicated to unlocking your true potential. I’m here to help you discover your true, authentic voice. Start living authentically, sharing your journey, mission, and purpose with the world. To begin to experience joy, peace, love, happiness, fulfillment, and abundance in your life. It’s about unlocking the power of your unique voice and letting it resonate authentically with others. And Be Unstoppable!

This website embodies my core values: embracing a healthier, sustainable lifestyle and serving those ready for a transformative journey. ‘Unstoppable ME’ is not just a tagline; it’s my invitation for you to embrace unstoppable growth and development. Giving yourself permission to expand your potential allows you to become unstoppable and touch more lives. As a multi-passionate individual, I’ve refined my skills in Public Speaking and Singing to amplify the power within you. I serve as your tool for empowerment. One significant endeavor on this platform is – Empower Your Life, dedicated to propelling you consistently toward unleashing your full potential. Where I host thought leaders unfold their unique journeys, sharing practical tools and methods to ignite the greatness within you. With a mix of fun and authenticity, we delve into topics ranging from social businesses and career shifts to overcoming failure and fear. Our mission is to express, not impress β€” fostering philanthropy and contributing to a better world. Here, we aim to inspire, elevate positivity, shatter limiting beliefs, boost personal power, and fortify your confidence, resilience, and authenticity. Whether you’re building or expanding a business, we’re here to help you craft the life you truly deserve.

This marks the initiation of my journey, driven by a mission to impart significant value and catalyze impactful transformations in your life, helping you realize your fullest potential. It’s time to illuminate the inherent power within, foster self-belief, and express your authentic uniqueness. I am here as a dedicated guide, ready to assist, support, serve, and facilitate the transformation of your life, guiding you toward your desired destinationβ€”whether it be initiating or expanding your business, advancing your career, or enhancing your overall life experience. Together, let’s cultivate more joy, love, freedom, peace, and abundance.

Be Unstoppable!

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