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Everything depends on our ability to sustainably inhabit this earth, and true sustainability will require us all to change our way of thinking on how we take from the earth and how we give back.

Deb Haaland

While some of us might think that there’s no way we can do to impact our planet because of our limiting belief that it’s a huge problem that only those with powers, positions, or money can do something about it — the truth is we can do something about it even in tiny little ways. Even we’re not a leader by title. It’s all about shifting our mindset and thinking of how to start contributing, taking that small action dailyβ€”slowly but consistently. If you’re new to my blog – I am a BIG advocate of Environmental Sustainability, helping our planet better than we found. This is one of my many ways of sharing the importance of taking responsibility for what we can do to make a part.

In this episode, I have the privilege to get some valuable information and tips from Climate Reality Leader Peachie Valera from the Philippines, also known as Peachie Keen n Green on her social media. Suppose you’re someone who advocates any projects or activities to make our planet a better place and understand that we’re all interconnected. Or for someone who wants to start but doesn’t know where or how to begin, there’s always a way to help and contribute; this episode is for you that you definitely must watch and listen to.

In this episode with Peachie Valera, you’ll learn:

  • Understanding what Sustainable Development is and how it impacts us.
  • The change starts within us.
  • We are PART of Nature.
  • More Green Jobs to offer, especially in provinces or small towns.
  • Smart and Mindful Waste
  • Companies that provide Sustainable Efforts
  • Save Energy by using less energy
  • The Importance of slowly practicing Plant-Based Eating
  • Prioritize our HEALTH
  • Human Health and Planetary Health are intertwined
  • Healthier Lifestyle is a Holistic Commitment
  • Importance of Mental Health for Well-Being
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Seeking Help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a SIGN of STRENGTH.

  • There’s always TOMORROW to start again/reset.

Time Stamps

  • 01: 57 – 05:57 βž–βž–>Story of Peachie Valera
  • 05:57 – 18:29 βž–βž–>Pandemic Impact Sustainability Development in the Philippines
  • 18:29 – 38:31 βž–βž–>3 Tips Clean and Green at Home
  • 38:31 – 47:58 βž–βž–>Tips for Healthier Lifestyle
  • 47:58 – 57:46 βž–βž–>How Do You Keep Yourself Optimistic
  • 57:46 – 01:00:35 βž–βž–>Where To Find Peachie Valera

DEEP THINKING: All of us want to have a meaningful life and impact this planet, but we always get stuck somewhere in the past or in the future where both don’t exist; it’s in our thoughts. Fear will always be part of growing, so embrace, acknowledge, and accept it. Give yourself a space to have that creative mind come to you to think of what you’ve always wanted to create or do. Remember it’s not about how big actions, how perfect, how WOW factor you take, it’s all about taking small steps every day, letting that fear be there, and doing your thing anyway. You’ll be surprised how much progress you make in a week, month, or a year by allowing yourself to take action. It all starts with your mindset.

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No matter how big or small you want to achieve in life, take action now, use everything you learned from this interview, and keep going for your goals. Take small steps every day.

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