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Pain is a GIFT – instead of avoiding it, learn to embrace it. Without PAIN, there’s no GROWTH.


Have you noticed how many of us handle or deal with pain as punishment? Most of us tend to feel as if we’re the victim of circumstances and that this is the Universe’s destined us to live for the rest of our lives. Many of this has something to do with our mindset…

Most of us want to have an abundant life, and yet, very few are willing to take risks and embrace the word unknown part of life itself.

What if we shift our perspective on what we’re experiencing in life, whether it’s a big or small challenge – it’s a way of the Universe giving us a signal for what we’re supposed to learn or grow? Or something that prepares us for more significant events in our lives? Wouldn’t that be more likely to help us to see the positive side of challenges in life? Serving us to where we want to be.

 Tony and I have covered some of the great parts from his book “The Gift of Pain”

In today’s Episode, Tony Kitchens shares his tips on Entrepreneurship, relationships, and a great way to deal with challenging life:

  • How to shift the circumstances or events into GIFT.
  • Importance of Practicing Humanity
  • 2 Mindset to Develop in Entrepreneurship
  • Know Your WHY
  • Live with NO REGRETS
  • Social Media = AntiSocial
  • Reconnect with Personal Relationship
  • Stay and Be Present
  • Recharge in Nature
  • Self-Love
  • Be OPEN and ASK for HELP

If you desire to make a great change in your life, be that in your personal or career life. Have a better perspective on busy and challenging life – this episode is for you!

Time Stamps:

01:20 – 13:50 – The Story of Tony Kitchens
13:50 – 25:18 – 2 Entrepreneurial Mindset to Develop
25:18 – 27:57 – If You Could Turn the Hands of Time, what would you do differently? 
27:57 – 37:13 – How to Be A Supportive Partner and Parent in this busy world?
37:13 – 49:19 – How Do You Keep Yourself Optimistic?
49:19 – 49:57 – Where to Connect with Tony Kitchens?
49:57 – 54:15 – Friendship

Tony has experienced the ups and downs in his personal and business life; he’s moving forward with how to strive and help more people scale businesses and have abundant life.
If you enjoyed listening to or watching our conversations, you would love his book, “The Gift of Pain.” It would help you shift your thinking to where you are and value what matters most.

Tony and I would love to hear your insights from this episode. What small action would you be willing to take to start helping to access your full potential? And be the warrior or owner of your life.

Remember, when I said small action – it could be contemplating; it could be — allow yourself to spend time with Nature and practice calm and stillness. Start small and give yourself time to reprogram new changes in life for the greater good.

No matter how big or small you want to achieve, take action now, use everything you learned from this episode, and keep going for your goals. Take small steps every day. BELIEVE!

-Be Unstoppable-
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