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I want to share with you the step by step guide to apply for UK Standard Visitor Visa based in Singapore.

If it’s not your first time to apply for any visa – then, pretty much you would have the ideas as to what type of documents that would usually include when applying for a visa online. The only difference would be their questionnaires…

If it’s your first time – don’t worry, I’ll walk you through step by step. And I hope that it will make your application less worry and less hassle 😘.

NOTE: The earliest you can apply is 3 months before you travel (GOV.UK)

Here’s the SUMMARY of what we’re going to cover on this post:

  1. To confirm whether a Standard Visitor Visa is what you need to apply.
  2. Documents required for processing.
  3. Completing the Online Application Form.
  4. To pay the VISA fee.
  5. To schedule your appointment with VFS Team to complete the processing.
  6. Things to bring when in the Visa Application Centre.

Let’s start!

To make sure that you’ll be able to complete the online application form successfully, you need the following documents soft copy ready:
* Your Passport
* Your Singapore Pass
* Flight Itinerary
* Hotel Accommodation
* Travel Insurance
* Bank Statement (the last 3 months would be sufficient)
* Your previous VISA copies (valid & expired – if available)
* Certificate of Employment (if employed)
* If you’re traveling with your Spouse/Partner
– His/Her Passport
– His/Her Singapore Pass
– Marriage Certificate
– Bank Statements can be your joint account bank
ℹ️ More detailed information of documents/additional documents will be covered below

* GOV.UK *

  • Visas and Immigration > Visit the UK
    * Click > Visit the UK for a holiday or to see family or friends
    > You can click the first 2 options (Check if you need VISA and Apply for VISA).
    > Typically if you’re not planning to reside in the UK for a long term then, other types of application you can ignore. To save time ⏱️
  • Check if you need VISA – on this page, you’ll be asked for the following:
    – country of passport you’re holding
    – purpose of travel
    – if you’re traveling with or visiting either your partner or a family member in the UK
    If yes, then they’ll ask you if you’re holding a residence card. If yes, then you don’t need a visa
    If no, then you need to apply one and usual cases > Standard Visitor Visa.


I suggest that you read the whole page under Standard Visitor Visa before you click the “Apply”

– Language preference
– Location of Biometrics (Singapore)
– There’s only 1 location for UK Visa Application Centre – click the first option
– Start Now

This might take 20 minutes or more to complete the form, depends on how well prepared you are with the information you’re going to input.

Always click SAVE and Continue to ensure every detail you key-in will be saved. And so, if you went on idle – you can still continue from the last page you’ve completed. And here are the pages you need to fill-in on this Visitor Visa.

  1. START
    – these pages will ask you to confirm your email account, to provide them your alternate email account and how to contact you…
    – your phone number
    – how they can reach you in case (options for you to choose)
    – your FULL NAME
    – your HOME Address
    – Passport Details
    – Identity Card
    – Nationality, Country of Birth and Date of Birth
    – Other Nationalities (click Yes if it applies to you and provide more info)
    – Immigration Status in Singapore
    – Employment Status
    – Income and Savings
    – Estimated Cost of Visit
    – Money Spend Monthly
    – Any Sponsorship with your UK Trip
    – Sponsor Details and estimated amount to be spent on this trip
    – Additional Sponsor on this trip
    – Date of Travelling
    – Language Preference (English or Other)
    – Reason for Travel
    – Travel Itineraries/Activities
    – Spouse/Partner or the EU, EEA national details
    – People financially dependent on you
    – Your parents’ details
    – A family who live in the UK
    – Travelling as part of an organised group
    – Travelling with another person
    – The place to stay in the UK
    – Other accommodation in the UK
    – UK travel history
    – Medical treatment in the UK
    – National Insurance numbers
    – UK Driving License
    – Public Funds in the UK
    – UK visa in the past 10 years
    – UK leave to remain
    – Travel history to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland or the European Economic Area and details (If applicable)
    – World Travel History
    – Immigration History
    – Breach of UK immigration law
    – Convictions and other penalties
    – War crimes
    – Terrorist activities, organizations, and views
    – Extremist organizations and views
    – Person of good character
    – Additional information about the application

    *Review all the details and click Continue to proceed to:
    – Your Passport
    – Your Singapore Pass front and back copy. Also the SGWork Pass copy
    – Accommodation
    – Flight Details
    – Other Documents
    > Bank Statements (3 months) – can be your joint account bank statements (with my case) or separate copies of your own bank statements.
    > Your Spouse/Partner Singapore Pass front and back copy. Also the SGWork Pass copy
    > Travel Insurance
    > Your previous VISA copies from different countries and previous UK Visa (if available)
    > Certificate of Employment if you’re working
    > Trip Itinerary
  5. PAY
    SGD168.00. Non-refundable.
    – click provide documents and biometrics. This will route you then to VFS.Global site

And now, let’s complete the rest of the steps…via VFS.Global site
* Create an account
* You can purchase additional service e.g. express service and more…
* To upload your documents
* Schedule your appointment
* Review and again and you shouldn’t pay any additional fee not unless of course, you purchased. Other than that should be 0.

VFS Global Services Singapore Pty Ltd.
135 Cecil Street, 08-01 MYP Plaza, Singapore 069536
Opening hours
Business hours Monday-Friday 08:00 – 14:00
Passport collection Monday-Friday 14:00 – 16:00
Walk-in hours Monday-Friday 08:00 – 14:00

What to Bring with You

What happens at the Visa Application Centre

* You don’t have to wear very formal attire when going to VISA interview. As long as it’s presentable, that should be acceptable.
* The security can be a bit strict, so make sure that you have your Details of Appointment copy at the very top of your documents. It will be easier for the security to allow you to go in.
* But they can only allow you to go inside according to your appointment time. Of course, it’s still recommended to come early, just sit or stand outside the centre and wait for the security to allow you to queue or go inside.
* After reviewing your input online, supporting documents, and biometrics. They will inform you of the date and time when you can collect your passport back with the UK VISA stamp in it. You will also receive an email once your passport is ready for collection. Usually will take 2 weeks or longer depending on your case. If you’re in a rush or prefer to get it earlier, just have to pay additional service for priority S$395. And passport will be ready for collection 5 working days; timings 2pm / 4pm. An email will be sent as well.

And there you have it! There are a lot of questionnaires or details they’re asking that I think don’t make sense but since you have to get the UK Visa approved, then I guess you just need to answer it. I really hope you’ll find it valuable if you’re going to apply soon and I really don’t want you to experience the hassle and frustration that I have gone through πŸ˜‡

Any information from above that you think is inaccurate or needs to be updated? Let me know!
Or, if you find it relatable and want to share your experience, drop a comment below. Would love to hear it ❀️

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