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You can’t get out of bed, until you wake up.
Therefore, you have to be aware of what’s going on, and then you can make a CHANGE.

Jason Goldberg (JG)

The more we’re aware of ourselves, the more we listen to our system, and the more willing we are to change for the best, the easier things will likely progress. Now, I’m not saying that change will be easy – what I’m saying is that when everything rhymes, you probably will do it anyway despite being challenging. And everything boils to when we’re feeling/thinking something is off, do we want to do something about it or accept it as is – because by the end of the day, knowing the TRUTH that matters.

Ownership: As we grow up, what we want to happen, achieve, and create – goes back to us. Don’t be the victim of circumstances, or as Jason (JG) puts it, prisoners of circumstances. We own it; we are in charge of our life. Be the leader of your own life.

I’m super honored and humbled to have the chance to interview such a grounded and wonderful person, Jason (JG), and share all the valuable information with you here.

In this episode with Jason Goldberg (JG), you’ll learn:

  • Being AWARE of What’s going on and listening to the system
  • Why don’t we CHANGE even though we feel/think we have to?
  • Waking Up to TRUTH
  • Learning Shifting Identity
  • Seriousness to Sincerity
  • It takes time for everything, including becoming the best version of yourself.
  • Why it’s essential to experiment with different methods/approaches to help you grow?

Time Stamps

  • 01: 45 – 06:21 βž–βž–>Story of Jason Goldberg
  • 06:21 – 15:28 βž–βž–>How to Catch the Prisoner Mindset and Shift into Self-Leader Mindset?
  • 15:28 – 20:51 βž–βž–>Being in a Playful, Joyful & Easy State – how does it help or make you a high performer?
  • 20:51 – 29:10 βž–βž–>Jason Goldberg’s (JG) Self-leadership morning routine
  • 29:10 – 40:21 βž–βž–>How Do You Keep Yourself Optimistic?
  • 40:21 – 42:40 βž–βž–>Where To Find Jason Goldberg (JG)

DEEP THINKING: Now, it’s your chance to be the leader of your own life. Ask yourself, where do you want to start working on or improving on? It doesn’t have to be a HUGE step, and it can be the baby of the baby steps. What’s important is to start, do, and act — NOW. And to stay driven/determine continuously progressing, ask yourself WHY YOU WANT to do something new, different, what’s behind that WHY. Really deep dive and get into the more significant than yourself reason so that no matter tough the step is, you’ll do it anyway because of that reason. Every change in our lives will always be uncomfortable, can be frustrating, and other negative thinking/feelings we can have in the beginning. But if we shift our feelings or thoughts to more positive and helpful energy or space, over time — little by little, things will get better. You are planting a seed.

Until next time πŸ‘‹.
No matter how big or small you want to achieve in life, take action now, use everything you learned from this interview, and keep going for your goals. Take small steps every day.

With so much love,

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