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“In order to taste my cup of water, you must first empty your cup. My friend, drop all of your preconceived and fixed ideas and be neutral. Do you know why this cup is useful? Because it’s empty. So empty your cup, so that it may be filled….” — Bruce Lee

You might be thinking that it’s just a “quote,” but if you think through about it – you will agree that it makes sense; it will be difficult or challenging for us to manage a lot of things in our lives at the same. It’s a matter of balance…Here what this post about – how can we not be trapped into what our society is telling us to do but against our heart or willingness?

These tips of mine a summary of multiple sites that I have read and work for me. I hope that sharing this will work or help you too.

  1. Know Your Priorities, Boundaries, and Goals
    For me, it helps to re-assess myself to what those things are that I think it’s essential. Of course, that can still be a challenge if we can’t differentiate the urgent and important, important but not immediate, urgent but not necessary and neither of those… Perhaps listing down and categorize can be an excellent start to understanding your priorities. Then, you can set your boundaries and goals. And always remember that each one of us would have a different stage in life, so focus on yours on achieving goals little by little…

  2. Switch it Off
    Those who know me and used to work with me would know that I am workaholic, weekends, or late nights; I am still contactable for work (no joke) 🀭😐. I know that’s not right, but I thought that was my top priority before. In our current generation, especially when you’re living in a place where gadgets’ easier to have and everything else becomes very accessible…It’s tough to get away from it. Again, take a little step back and focus on what’s your priorities. Work will never end, so if it’s your time off – enjoy the moment, put the phone or computer away, and spend quality time with whatever makes you happy. It can be just doing nothing, with family, friends, nature – whatever that can be…practice to have some time off from your gadgets once in a while or at least 5 minutes (while at work) every 2 hours or whenever you can until it becomes a habit. Slowly you will feel better of doing it and not feeling pressured or forced by doing it…Trust me, it’s good for us.  πŸ˜Š

  3. Use your Time Wisely and Minimize Negative Vibes
    We definitely can’t say YES to everybody – not at all! It takes a deeper understanding of yourself towards what is important to you. It starts saying NO. I would say it’s not easy to practice it in the beginning, especially if you’re still in a position of getting to know yourself more…But as you slowly understanding and getting clarity towards yourself as what or who matters most, then you will be more focused and present to whatever or whomever you said yes to….everyone’s time is precious, so use or spend it wisely. That goes to negative vibes around you – with easy access to social media; definitely, it can affect how you feel and losing focus because of what you see from social media. The same thing goes to people around you – as what they called toxic people. To make sure that you stay focus on what’s important to you, minimize spending time browsing through your social media, the same thing with people that’s giving you negative vibes. Surround yourself with positive people who lift, motivate, inspire, and push you towards your greatness…

  4. Treat and Take Care of Yourself
    “Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you don’t care about others. It means you’re smart enough to know you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first.”

    I hope you’ll agree with this quote. To continue with daily battle, you, yourself, have to be healthy in and out first. Don’t forget to pamper or treat yourself with something like massage, facial, having the ice cream you’ve been craving for, having a glass of wine, or whatever you think you deserve to have that day; please treat yourself whenever you can. But don’t forget to stay healthy as well, because yes – we might have forever young by heart but not our body. Make sure that we take care of our body too by having enough sleep or rest, eat a little healthier, drink a lot of water, set 3x a week, or each day to do some work-out. Meditate (doesn’t have to be hardcore, you can always start from 5, 7, 10 minutes until you know your body well then do the intensive work-out or meditation). When you’re feeling better in and out, sharing your positive energy doesn’t seem an obligation at all – instead, you want to share it to everyone, and it’s contagious. 😍

  5. Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends
    When I say – quality time, really connecting yourself and be present at that moment. Things that I see so common nowadays would be, spending time with family or friends over dinner or coffee, but everyone’s spending more time on their phones rather than with the people they’re with – it’s sad, but this is the reality. Try to keep the style of the old way – enjoy the cup of coffee or food at that moment and connect and get to know the people that matter to you. As I said earlier, time is precious – use or spend it wisely…

  6. Breathe and Let It Go
    There are just a lot of things that beyond our control or things happen unexpectedly…It’s okay to be upset – breathe, let it go, and try to focus on things that you have control of and move on. You might say that – easy to say than done – of course, it’s not that easy! But when you acknowledge and practice this step frequently – you will know that anything can happen at any time good or bad; you embrace your feeling at that moment, and yet you still focus on what you need to do. Of course, it’s a case to case basis – when you know that it requires more of your time and resources – by all means, do whatever it takes and when things go back to normal – it’s time to refresh and get back for another journey.

  7. Explore, Be Keen to Try New Things and Have Fun
    Be adventurous, try to go somewhere new and see what this place can offer you or new activities that you might like. I love to have a walk or cycle in the nature park, and I will typically explore other parks that I haven’t been to for a change. I’ve tried to take a bus with my friend without knowing where it can bring us and explore the end destinationβ€”merely sitting on the bench watching the kids on the playground running around or the parents catching up. I’ve also tried for the first time making Terrarium with my friend – all of this turnout, giving me so much happiness, joy, and fun. Find those interests you and have fun.

  8. Maintain Positive Mindset and Always Appreciate Little Things in Life
    Begin each day with gratitude – we’re able to wake up each day and see the beauty of the universe. We may not know exactly where we want to be right now, but with a positive mindset and appreciation in life, things will happen in time (unexpectedly). So make the best use of what is in your power and take the rest as it happens. And for me, I love posting inspirational quotes to my laptop or save it into my gallery to read, so I stay positive and grounded πŸ˜Š.

  9. Ask for Help
    We all get drained – don’t act like Superman nor Wonderwoman and don’t suffer in silence. Share your situation with your manager if it’s work-related. Speak with your partner, family, and friends what has been bothering you always and seek for help. If all of these don’t work and you think you need to take it to the next level – talk with the counselor or therapist and share all the things that causing you to get stress and lose focus before everything can get out of control.
    We don’t have to show a happy face to everyone, especially for those closest to us. It’s always the “being judged” feeling that scares us to be open and vulnerable. I still believe that being open and vulnerable shows strength than a weakness.

Some of these tips you might agree with, some you may not. The bottom line is understanding how you think you can work on and spend time on having a well-balanced life. Everything comes within you. We are all unique and have our ways to figure things out in life.  πŸ˜

I hope that these tips and strategies will bring you to the right path!

Do drop a comment if you want to share your version or if you have any questions. I would be delighted to answer you πŸ™β€οΈ.

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