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Whatever experience we go through as humans, there’s an aspect of transformation that takes places”
Monique Pate

In reflecting on today’s conversation with Monique Patè, a profound message emerges—one centered around the concepts of time and priorities.

Consider this: How intentionally aligned are we with the life we genuinely desire? Before Monique’s diagnosis with Multiple Myeloma, she thrived in a rewarding career at an international school, where she was a relied-upon figure. Despite enduring pain, she pushed through until her body could no longer bear the burden, revealing her battle with multiple myeloma. Her life and role underwent a complete reversal.

I asked Monique, a coach, educator, speaker, and soon-to-be author, how this experience altered her perspective. Facing an uncertain lifespan, she discovered that accepting help from others was essential, prompting a deep reflection on her true identity and the potential driving force to continue living with a bold mission.

Monique’s episode serves as a powerful reminder to cherish the present moment, prioritize overall well-being, and choose the joy we deserve. It is an absolute must-watch/listen from start to finish.

Join us in this conversation and be energized by the following:
  • The Body is Sending You a Message.
  • Recognizing when to seek help is a positive step toward growth – not a loss of independence.
  • Life is SO Precious.
  • Good-hearted or genuine people are there willing to help YOU.
  • How CHALLENGES Transform you into your TRUE SELF.
  • Empower Your Self-Talk.
  • Labels and Identity.
  • Slow Down, Pause, and Reflect.
  • Value your TIME as a precious asset.
  • Powerful Daily Routines are the key to unlocking continuous progress and success.
  • Nourishing Your Soul through Optimal Nutrition
  • Practice MORE of BEING PRESENT.
  • 4 Powerful Tools to Boost Your Optimism
  • Cultivate, Embody, and Instill genuine Self-Love and Reconnection with YOURSELF.
Time Stamps:

03:55       The Cancer Journey of Monique Patè
07:50       Vulnerability, Losing Independence, Seeking Help and EGO
12:06        Embracing the support of others while Accepting Oneself
19:49        Reconnecting with True Authentic Self
28:37        Perspectives on Time and Priorities
38:08       The Importance of Nutrition and Daily Routines
49:11        How Do You Keep Yourself Optimistic?
56:19        Where to connect and find Monique Patè?
58:57        Why Invest in Your Personal Growth/Development?


As we approach the end of 2023, it’s natural to reflect on where we stand. If feelings of being stuck, lost, or unfulfilled linger, remember the power to transform is within your grasp. Choose to unveil the hero within, empowering your life to align with what you truly deserve. Shift your perspective – time is precious, and the choices you make today shape the narrative of your life.

One Powerful Action to Take:
What subtle yet profound step can you embark upon today to revolutionize your life and step into the role of the hero in your own narrative, all without anticipating the arrival of the ‘ideal’ moment that we all can be trapped in?

You deserve and are worthy to have joy and a fulfilling life!
Claim it NOW!

– Be Unstoppable –
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