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You’re so busy projecting what you want people to believe about you all the time that you’re nowhere close to who you really are.”
Marva Sadler

What does wealth mean to you? Do you see money as the only measure of success in life? Wealth is often linked to money or possessions, and many of us use it to gauge our success. But here’s the truth, at least from my perspective and that of our next guest on this episode – there are other aspects of wealth that are important to consider when defining it.

I’m talking about prosperity and abundance. Prosperity means more than just having money; it includes happiness, good health, relationships, freedom, and fulfillment in life. Some people may have wealth but lack prosperity. Abundance is about recognizing your blessings regardless of your financial situation – it’s about quality over quantity and focusing on what truly matters in life.

In today’s episode, we’re diving into a tough topic: the meaning of wealth and how it affects our well-being. It might be uncomfortable, but exploring this can give you valuable insights and help you live a more fulfilling life. Marva Sadler will share some principles to help you elevate your life and find more abundance.

A little bit of info about our next guest: Marva Sadler is an award-winning, results-driven, and tenacious Senior Executive who has delivered multibillion-dollar total impacts and unlocked the potential of hundreds of pathbreaking organizations across some of the most competitive sectorsβ€”including automotive, clean energy, education, finance, healthcare, and philanthropy. Committed to achieving goals and employing innovative strategies, She transforms organizations into thriving entities. Marva leaves every organization she leads stronger, more productive, and more profitable than its stakeholders could have envisioned. Through her disruptor mindset and deep expertise, she cultivates a legacy of sustainable growth, efficiency, and innovation.

Learn more on this episode:
  • How Coaching serves as a tool for leaders to have healthy cultures and treat people well
  • The Development of the People leads to the development of the Organization.
  • A healthy culture starts with a healthy respect for individuals.
  • Real wealth is having an abundance of what truly matters in Life.
  • Social Media creates more Scarcity Mentality
  • Authentic You leads to Freedom, leads to Abundance
  • No Deep Meaning, No Real Progress
  • How we show and display wealth affects how we relate to others.
  • Embracing an Abundance Mindset and your priorities will change.
  • Tips to Navigate Setbacks in Life
  • Questions to help you adapt an Abundance Mindset
  • Practices to Keep You Optimistic
  • Embrace FAILURE in your JOURNEY
  • Learn and Practice A.W.E.
Don’t spend your life chasing after money, fame, or approval. Instead, focus on what truly matters to you. Seek a meaningful and fulfilling life, filled with enriching relationships and great experiences. Aim to feel fully alive, at peace, and free to be yourself.
Cindy Marie
Time Stamps:

01:51       The Abundance Journey of Marva
05:17       Stories about Cindy Marie and Marva facing challenges in the corporate world due to their unique attitudes
09:09     What is Wealth, and Do most of us not fully understand its deeper meaning?
11:31       How does Social Media influence people’s perceptions of wealth?
15:28      Freedom and Abundance
18:39    In Your Experience, how does wealth impact relationships?
29:25     Suggestions to navigate challenges and setbacks on the path to wealth 
35:32 How Do You Keep Yourself Optimistic? Practices to Share
43:45      Where to Find, Connect, and Know More About Marva Sadler?
42:40 Last Powerful Message from Marva to You


Let’s take a moment to reflect on this episode and ask yourself honestly:

  • In your daily life, whether it’s in your work, career, or personal life, are you seeking validation from society? On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being mostly seeking validation from society and 5 being focused on what truly matters to you, where do you stand? Be kind to yourself, and remember, whatever your score, it’s a valuable insight.
  • Now that you have your answer, how can you increase your inner abundance? What are some things you’ve been neglecting but know you must embrace? Take it one step at a time.

Don’t let the noise of others influence you to settle for mediocrity; you always have the power to make better choices. Be kind to yourself and show yourself love and compassion. Embrace an abundant mindset, and watch your life transform for the better.

– Be Unstoppable β€“
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