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Although in this period of time, starting to feel sick would be more serious than regular days due to the current virus (COVID-19) that spread out all over the world. At least…we know the symptoms, and of course, if you have those – you can opt-out the entire steps below and straight away seek medical advice or medical assistance the soonest to ensure that whatever you’re feeling or current situation will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Now, I am not going to elaborate further about this virus as by now we’re already aware of what to do and precautions to take. And just keep updated by what’s going on in and out of the country by watching or reading our reliable news. Stay vigilant and hoping that this will end soon… πŸ™πŸ»

And as per regular days – we’ve all been there, that moment when we’re in the middle of something and just feeling weak. Suddenly we said to ourselves, “oh no, don’t tell me I’m falling sick”
And you starting to feel stress and thinking of all the things that you might miss the deadline or might miss to attend and so much more…

So before stress overpower you and your brain and body surrender to the sickness, remember that when you’re body is giving you a sign; you definitely have to pay attention. If not, you’ll get weaker than ever and ended up not able to complete or do anything…

Now, when you’re currently on this feeling like getting sick or it happens to you. I have some at-home remedies which I personally do, that perhaps can intervene for you to fall sick.

1️⃣ Going to Sleep Earlier Than Your Normal Routine at Night

I know we all have the priorities that we need to achieve or complete, but without our brain and body functioning well – all these things will not be completed in an efficient way. According to the study; most adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best.
When we’re so occupied with our tasks at home or work, we tend to forget the right time to sleep and rest.
Sleep plays an incredibly important role in regulating and maintaining an efficient immune system.” Said the study’s lead author, Aric Prather told The Huffington Post.
So if you think you’re getting sick – listen to your body, rest and sleep earlier than the usual.

2️⃣ Keep Hydrated / Drink a lot of Water

Keeping hydrated can prevent us from sickness. By drinking a lot of water it also helps us to have our brain function well. And so as our body to perform well. There are so many beneficial factors that I can enumerate here, but the idea is that – it’s really good to keep ourselves hydrated especially when you’re feeling like getting sick. You have to pay attention to what your body is telling you coz, you don’t want to feel worse right?
Now, If you’re the type of person that having trouble drinking plain water; you can always add 1tsp of honey or slice of lemon in normal water temperature in every alternate glass of water you take. Moderate intake is the key.

TIP: Recommended to drink water at least 2L a day or refer below as per Medical News Today
β–ͺ️ For Men: Around 3.7 liters or 125 ounces
β–ͺ️ For Women: Around 2.7 liters of 91 ounces

NOTE: Don’t count frequent intake of soda, and pack juice drinks as part of your routine to keep hydrated, coz it’s not healthy and not so good to your body (an exception of course, if you don’t have a choice). I’m no dietitian or nutritionist, but all of these products if not, most contain high sugar, carbon acids, caffeine, and phosphorus.
Google always the key to find some facts πŸ˜‰

3️⃣ Drink Caffeine-Free or Homemade Tea

What is Caffeine-free tea? According to Teaforte, it refers to the ingredients that not related to Camellia Sinensis (small trees in the flowering plant family Theaceae, where the leaves and the buds used to produce tea).
Most of us would be familiar with Herbal Tea that’s actually caffeine-free; examples are chamomile, peppermint, ginger, lemon, lemongrass, and more.

And one of my favorite to make when I or my husband started to feel sick, is making homemade ginger tea. It won’t take much of your time preparing it but definitely will give you great benefits to your body than taking ginger tea sachet. (Will share you my Homemade Fresh Ginger Tea soon 😍)
There are so many options as well that you can make at home e.g. lemongrass, lemon, and mint…

So how does it help to prevent us from being sick?

This is another form of drinking healthy fluid, thus it hydrates our body.
It warms and stimulates our body to fight against infection or being sick.
It relaxes our muscles, relaxes our brain, and it promotes to have a good sleep.

4️⃣ Take 1 Tsp of Honey in the Morning and Before Going to Sleep

Honey offers a wide range of health benefits, especially in its raw form. It contains a majority of natural sugars, and many different vitamins and minerals. It has a powerful antibacterial effect and stimulates our body system. It is also proven that it’s a natural remedy for cough and flu (except children under 12 months old). And also remedy to reduce stress.

So why 1 tsp of honey in the morning and before going to sleep?
Though it’s a good source of sugar, it’s always good to take a moderate portion. 1 tsp is just nice to take in an empty stomach or before going to sleep.
At Night Before Going To Sleep
β–ͺ️ It helps to have a good night’s sleep.
β–ͺ️ To boosts your immune system
β–ͺ️ Treats your sore throat or cough and help you to have a good sleep; goes back to 1st bullet.
β–ͺ️ It helps to cleanse your body, which makes you feel lighter and better.
β–ͺ️ It gives you a natural energy boost to start your day better and feels energized.

I’ve learned this remedy actually from my husband, he told me that when he’s younger; his parents will normally give him a teaspoon of honey when he’s falling sick, sore throat or cough…
I’m sure you can search more for the beneficial effects of taking honey.

Now, for me; I have a mild reaction taking honey especially raw type. Even though I’ll take only 1 tsp, the next day; I will slowly see some rashes on my face and also, usually my nose feels itchy. They said that it can be the bee pollen and pollen from other plants and trees. So for me, I’ll try to take it occasionally. And when I’m feeling sick, unfortunately – I have to opt-out honey.

If you have an allergic reaction like mine or milder, try to lesser the portion and monitor yourself closely whether you’ll have a reaction or not. If not, then continue taking the same portion but if slowly you’ll getting reaction then, immediately stop taking it.

5️⃣ Take Vitamin C in Tablets, Water Soluble Type, and Foods rich in Vitamin C

Though there’s a little proof or inconsistent findings whether by taking Vitamin C can prevent or cure when you’re feeling sick. It probably won’t hurt either if we’ll take right? πŸ˜„
Key is always moderate intake…

It’s a very important vitamin not only for immune system function but also functions as antioxidants. Especially when you’re taking fresh fruits or vegetables, though it’s not an instant effect for you to feel better, but definitely will help you slowly to get your energy back and certainly to boost your brain and memory.

For us, whenever we feel like getting sick apart from vegetables, it’s always Orange, Mandarin Orange, and Pineapple would be our fruits to the rescue…Take the vegetables/fruits that are based on your preference πŸ˜‰

6️⃣ Applying Vicks VapoRub Before Going To Sleep and in the Morning

I’ve learned it from my late Aunt when I was younger and usually she will apply in my chest, back, and nose to soothe, ease my muscle pain and clear my clogged nose. Up to now, I still apply or use Vicks Vaporub as my home-remedy.

What does Vicks Vaporub contain?
β–ͺ️ It contains camphor, a cough suppressant, and topical analgesic
β–ͺ️ It contains eucalyptus oil, a cough suppressant
β–ͺ️ It contains menthol, a cough suppressant, and topical analgesic

So how to use it?
NOTE: 1st and 3rd bullets are my personal style of application πŸ˜€

β–ͺ️ In a bucket of warm water (enough water to use to cleanse your body), mixed it with 1 tbsp or a thick layer of Vicks – damp the hand towel with Vicks water mix and wipe throughout the body. Repeat to damp your hand towel when it’s getting drier until you wiped throughout Or
β–ͺ️ Rub a thick layer to your chest and nose and throat (if you’re having sore throat) And
β–ͺ️ Rub a thick layer to your feet and cover it with socks

TIP: Keep applying before going to sleep and in the morning until you totally feel full of energy.

7️⃣ Cut Down the Usage of Gadgets

Gadgets now are indispensable in our daily lives… At some point, it’s becoming addiction or I would say, a bad habit where the first thing in the morning; instead of getting up and getting started most of us would check our phone if there would be any notifications and so on…Ouch! I’m guilty too πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ πŸ˜…

So how can gadgets affect our health?
β–ͺ️ When we use our laptop or smartphone longer than it is supposed to be, you would notice that our vision slowly starting to get blurry, right?
β–ͺ️ When you’re too exhausted at work while using your gadgets for so long, you tend to feel a headache or dizzy right?
β–ͺ️ When you use your headset or earpiece to a maximum volume while playing music or listening to an audiobook without a break. Do you notice that you’re having a hard time to hear soft music or soft voices after then?
β–ͺ️ We have this belief that by using gadgets at night before going to sleep can somehow make us fall asleep quickly (FALSE). For most of the cases, we actually tend to stay awake longer for whatever reason because of the article or video that we’ve seen that makes our brain stay awake instead of resting.
β–ͺ️ With the advent or appearance of Social Networks, here’s what I would say; a lot of us impacted so much; from comparison, feeling of being judged, other opinions matter, and gratification. And definitely it affects our health…

Above are just some of the things that I can think of why Gadgets do affect our health especially when it’s becoming part of our lives that we tend to neglect to cut down. When you’re already feeling like getting sick, cut down the usage and focus on your body instead, to really get rested…

8️⃣ Have Foods that Easy on the Stomach

When we’re feeling getting sick, we tend to lose appetite (at least with my experience). And during this period of time, we have to be more cautious with what we eat. As we’re already feeling weak, we don’t want to worsen our condition. We have to supply our body with more nutritional food and easy to stomach as well. A perfect example would be chicken soup or vegetable soup but avoid the canned type of soup (if possible). Depending on how you feel; banana and a plain toast of bread also a good source of food to take and gentle on the stomach. Try to avoid any greasy, savory, junk food, sweets, alcohol, coffee, dairy, and sports drink…
We have to force ourselves not only to eat but to have healthy food and plenty of clear fluids. Taking it lightly will cost us double in the future…

9️⃣ Take Medicine To Help You Feel Better with Still Proper Rest and Fluids

There are plenty of different medicines available to purchase in pharmacy, supermarkets, grocery stores, and health/beauty shops to help with a cold, sore throat, and cough symptoms. In reality, when you combined taking the medicine, resting properly and drinking lots of fluids can really help you to feel better soon. But if you only take medicine yet not having proper rest and dehydrating yourself, that medicine won’t fully help you to recover.
Same thing when you’re overworked and taking medicine just to keep you going…that’ll make it even worse. Just because medicine helps you to feel better, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to rest and look after your body…

10⃣ Do Light Exercise or Nothing At All (Depending on How You Really Feel)

Many experts use “Neck Rule“, meaning if your symptoms are all located above your neck (sore/irritated throat, headache, stuffy nose); you’re certainly allowed to do light exercise. But if you’re feeling more on body aches and pains, then you have to rest.
However, it really depends on the individual; there are times that I can do jogging, there are times that I really feel weak that I just want to stay on bed and sleep. And there are times that I can push myself to do light exercise so I won’t feel weak at all. So, really listen to what your body says and follow it. We have to give our bodies a chance to rest thoroughly if really needed.

P.S. Avoid hitting the gym when you’re already feeling like getting sick coz, you don’t want to spread your germs to everyone else. A gym is an easy place to spread germs, so be considerate to others. You can still do some exercise at home or outdoors.

11⃣ Do the Things that You Can De-Stress

When we don’t allow ourselves to switch-off we tend to increase our stress level and definitely our brain and body will be impacted…tendency, slowly we feel like getting sick πŸ€’
And before that happens, think about activities that you love to do to make you feel relax and calm…
β–ͺ️ It can be walking and just being alone in the park
β–ͺ️ It can be taking a hot bath while listening to your favorite jazz music
β–ͺ️ It can be reading a book in the library, park, at home or wherever you prefer
β–ͺ️ It can be walking your pet
β–ͺ️ It can be watching a movie alone
β–ͺ️ It can be away from your kids for a couple of hours (if you have a family) and pampering yourself with massage, going to your favorite cafe and sip a cup of tea, etc. (If you can)
β–ͺ️ And so much more that I can mention here for what I think can help to feel relax and calm. So I’m sure there are other ways that you can do to de-stress.
Give yourself a break from whatever you’re facing that slowly triggering you to feel stress, and let your body remind you this time – what you have to do to stay relax and calm…

12⃣ See A Doctor

By doing the above steps usually, in about 3-4 days maximum 5/6 days, you’ll feel better and literally back to business as what they usually say πŸ˜†
Now if your symptoms don’t get improve, you still feel unwell, or you’re feeling worse; this is the time when you have to make an appointment to see a doctor.
According to the experts, most viruses are gone after 2 weeks – But you don’t have to wait until that moment to see a doctor, we normally know when something isn’t right with our body and we shouldn’t ignore that.
Leave it to the experts to give you advice and what sort of medications you have to take to help you get better. πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈπŸ©ΊπŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ

And that’s all the home remedies that I personally do when feeling like getting sick…
I hope you’ll find it very useful and valuable to set as your tips to follow. πŸ™πŸ» πŸ˜‡
We really have to take care of ourselves and stay healthy so we won’t get sick easily…Stay alert during cold and flu season and try if not, don’t hang out with sick people either.
And I’m sure you know how to keep and stay healthy, just have to maintain and do it consistently…

And I’ll leave you with these quotes:

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