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 The important thing is to never stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
Albert Einstein

In today’s fast-paced world, there are so many distractions that we often lose the natural curiosity we had as children. This, in turn, affects the deep connections we all want and deserve to have.
Sometimes, asking questions is seen as negative, leading to criticism or judgment. This topic is personally significant to me, and I highly value and practice it. I’m thrilled that our guest and I will explore this, sharing our personal experiences and practices to help you build meaningful relationships, whether in your personal or professional life. But before we delve into that, let’s discuss two crucial things: Intentional Curiosity and Deep Connection.

What is Intentional Curiosity?

Intentional curiosity is like having a genuine desire to explore and understand things on purpose. It’s about actively seeking knowledge, asking questions, and being open-minded with the intention of learning and growing. Instead of just waiting for information to come your way, intentional curiosity encourages you to actively engage with the world around you. It’s like having a curious mindset by choice, and it can lead to deeper understanding, better connections with others, and even more joy and fulfillment in your life. It’s a bit like deciding to be an explorer of your own experiences and the world, always ready to discover something new.

And the study shows that deliberately being curious can lead to surprisingly positive outcomes in both life and business. People who cultivate curiosity tend to experience increased happiness and enhanced emotional intelligence and are more adept at discovering new opportunities for personal development and professional growth.

What is Deep Connection?

A deep connection is having a profound and genuine bond with someone. It goes beyond surface-level interactions and taps into a more meaningful understanding of each other. It’s when you feel truly seen, heard, and understood, and you reciprocate that understanding. It’s not just about sharing experiences; it’s about sharing emotions, vulnerabilities, and a sense of being fully present with each other. In a deep connection, there’s a resonance that creates a strong and lasting bond, fostering a sense of closeness and authenticity. It’s the kind of connection that goes beyond words and creates a unique, irreplaceable link between individuals.

Our guest, Jo Self, is on a mission to teach Strengths as a Second Language so we can Raise a Strengths-Based Generation. Dreams of living in a world where talents aren’t wasted, potentials are realized, and happiness is contagious. Her diverse background includes creating award-winning employee programs for the world’s largest fast-food company and building a Top 50 Start-Up Business in Peru. She currently works with teams and community groups to improve communication and support interdependent relationships.
As an author (Practical Strengths Series & 8 Elephants: Startup Essentials for Coaches) and TEDxSpeaker, she shares how Strengths could have a powerful impact on ourselves and our communities. She believes that celebrating each individual empowers our communities and creates a stronger and more sustainable path forward for us all.

Watch/Listen to deepen your connections:
  • STRENGTHS Assessment to Understand More About You and Your Strengths
  • See Differences as Advantages for a Stronger Community
  • Asking Questions from a Place of Intentional Curiosity
  • Know Yourself Better First Before Others Define You
  • Self-Awareness + Self-Acceptance = Self-Confidence
  • Your Message, Your True You, and Your Values that will Bring Value to others as an Entrepreneur
  • 60% Of Knowledge to Build and Promote Your Business is GOOD Enough
  • Your Personal Story is what truly connects with people who want to work with you, more than awards or certificates.
  • People want to work with someone WHO GETS/UNDERSTANDS THEM
  • Never Mind the NAYSAYERS
  • Keep showing up with the REAL YOU
  • Everything in Life is Either A Lesson or A Blessing
  • What People Projecting On To Us Has Nothing To Do with Us
  • STAY CURIOUS and Be Open to Possibilities

Whether you want to improve your meaningful connection or practice being intentional with your curiosity in connection – this episode is a must-watch/listen

Time Stamps:

02:18       Jo Self’s Story
04:35 Gallup’s STRENGTHS Assessment
08:57       Navigating Modern Disconnection – Why do you think this paradox exists, and what factors contribute to our increased feelings of isolation? How would you integrate using the STRENGTHS tool to help people communicate deeper?
15:16        The Power of Intentional Curiosity
20:28        Principles or Practices to Develop More Self-Awareness
25:29        How To Unlearn Not-So-Helpful Patterns to Provide Space for New Helpful Habits/Patterns
28:21        How to Integrate Intentional Curiosity When You Compare Journey to Others?
32:45        How Do You Market Your Business Successfully?
39:35        How to Stop Caring What Others Think?
43:44        How Do You Keep Yourself Optimistic?
50:12. Competition in Relationships
53:39        Where to Find and Connect with Jo Self?
54:53        Message from Jo to You


Practicing Intentional Curiosity is like building a muscle; consistency is key to a strong foundation. To cultivate intentional curiosity in both life and business, try these powerful practices:

  1. Stay Present: Remind yourself to be in the moment. We often get caught up in past or future thoughts, missing what’s right in front of us. Being present lets us notice and engage more deeply with our surroundings, revealing incredible things.
  2. Ask Questions: Approach questioning with sincerity to gain a deeper understanding. Challenge assumptions and seek different perspectives.
  3. Reflect Regularly: Take time after activities or before bedtime to reflect on your experiences. Ask yourself what you’ve learned from events, people, and about yourself. This regular reflection enhances your intentional curiosity.

Begin nurturing your Intentional Curiosity habits. This curiosity won’t just deepen your connections but will also open doors to new opportunities for you and your business.

Stay Curious!

– Be Unstoppable β€“
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