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If one to 10% of humanity begins to shift in that way. A 100% of humanity will shift in that way. Because we’re all interconnected.

Michael Rosenbaum

Our next guest is Michael Rosenbaum, spiritual teacher, advanced Hypnotherapist, regression, and past-life regression therapist. Meditation teacher for over 20 years and over 3,000 hours of training to be his best at what he doesβ€”helping people with a wide variety of problems, including relationship struggles, sleep problems, negative self-talk, stress reduction, traumas, weight issues, complimentary medicine to help people through illnesses, fear of flying and other phobias, and spiritual training.

Today on Empower Your Life Show, he’ll share with you the importance of Spiritual Discovery, and how you can connect and deepen it to yourself slowly, gently, and progressively. So you can create and tap into your Higher Self and slowly feel the ease, peace, and optimism in your life too.

We cover Michael’s story and the synergy of how his spiritual journey started to awaken. At the same time, he was the director of an advertising company and finally felt a sense of alignment with his main calling or purpose in life.

He shared wisdom and hope to help you shift and transform your life. You’ll learn:

  • The Power of Meditation
  • Be Open and Curious
  • Always OPEN for Learning
  • Be a Lifelong Learner
  • Invest in Growing and Knowing Your Purpose
  • Trust the Process, Receive, Accept, Do, and Interact
  • Share Your Ideas to Make It Happen
  • Pay Attention closely to the signs leading to your Life Purpose
  • Consciousness
  • We are ALL Interconnected
  • Role of Spirituality in Life
  • We’re in the stage of Discovering Who We Truly Are
  • Inner Compass
  • Choosing and Focusing on what SERVES you
  • Connect or Surround Yourself with People support your Transformation
  • In Higher Self – there’s no Competition
  • Practice 2% that works for you to Deepen your Spiritual Connection
  • Experiment Positive Pressure
  • Practice Self-Care
  • Keep Yourself Positive and Uplifted
  • Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People
  • Help People Help Themselves
  • Seek Help for Support
  • Be Intentional with What Do You Want to Achieve in Life
  • The Higher the Energy, the Higher Consciousness

01: 37 – 29:31 >>>Story of Michael Rosenbaum Tapping to Higher Self
29:31 – 40:25 >>>Why is A Spiritual Discovery so Vital?
40:25 – 48:24 >>>How Can We Understand More the Shift to Higher Consciousness?
48:24 – 01:00:18 >>>Tiny Suggestions to Deepen the Spiritual Connection Slowly
01:00:18 – 01:14:52 >>>How To Keep Yourself Optimistic?
01:14:52 – 01:21:10>>>Where to Find and Connect with Michael Rosenbaum?

Michael and I are curious to know what would be your 2% practice or point of action that you’re willing, open, ready, and committed to experimenting or exploring so that you, too, can slowly experience feeling calm, optimistic, and empowered to face challenges. Drop your 2% action(s) in the comment below.

If you wish to join Michael’s Group Meditation:
Time: Every week – alternating between Monday 8:30pm- 9:30pm est and Sunday 11am- noon est.
Zoom: Michael Rosenbaum Group Meditation
Meeting ID: 978 2065 9046
Passcode: 660541
Dial by your location: +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)

No matter how big or small you want to achieve, take action now, use everything you learned from this episode, and keep going for your goals. Take small steps every day.

– Be Unstoppable –

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