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Have you wondered why you have this typical pattern of waking up at 3am? Or feeling so sensitive to something or exhausted out of nowhere that drains your energy suddenly?

Today, I’m speaking with Charmaine Diallo – Energy Healing Guide; to understand why some of us experience sudden emotional discomfort, waking up at 3am. And how Energy Healing can help you to release that negative energy and have peace, joy, and a fulfilling life.

Be Open and Surrender for what is Possible for Your Well-Being

Watch/Listen NOW to Learn:

  • Why Waking Up at 3 am, and what is the meaning?
  • Understanding 2 Kinds of Energy
  • Understanding EMOTIONS
  • Signs that You might be an EMPATH
  • Hot N Cold Shower Technique to Improve Energy
  • Creating Boundaries and Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  • Be More Intentional to Have More Positive Energy
  • It Takes Your Readiness to Remove Easily Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Be Curious, Be Open, Explore, and Experiment, Allowing to Feel Fulfilled and Joyful

If you’ve been suffering from waking up at 3am or absorbing negative energy quickly, among other negative energy, then this episode is what YOU might want to hear and listen to:

Time Stamps:

01:29 – 07:58 – The Story of Charmaine Diallo Tapping into Energy Healing
07:58 – 11:58 – What is Energy Healing? Common Misconceptions about Energy Healing and its Benefits
11:58 – 18:55 – What is Empath? Signs and Traits of Being an Empath and Your Guidance
18:55 – 33:22 – Quick Tip For People Who Feel They’re Empath
33:55 – 37:48 – How Do You Keep Yourself Optimistic?
37:48 – 41:17 – Where to Connect with Charmaine Diallo?

Do you feel that what Charmaine discussed resonates with you, and yet, you don’t know how or where to have that safe space?
Get your FREE Energy Protection Guide here to start having that strong and healthy boundaries with your abilities.

Remember, you’re not alone on this – so many people are just experiencing precisely what you feel and feeling like there is no place to open up and dive into it further. Charmaine is here to support you…

And when you’re ready to dive into accessing your full potential, slowly but surely — I’m here to support you.

– Be Unstoppable β€“
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