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Do you ever feel like you’re pretending to be someone you’re not just to fit in with what society expects? Deep down, you know it’s not who you really are.

This can lead to a lot of stress and feeling exhausted because you’re not able to share your true thoughts and ideas, especially if your workplace doesn’t support being yourself.

Instead of speaking up with your own ideas, you might find yourself always putting others first.

But what if you took a step back and really thought about what’s important to you? What if you stopped trying to be what others want and focused on being true to yourself? How much more successful and fulfilled could you be then?

Being true to yourself is really important nowadays, especially if you want to succeed. It can be tough to show who you really are in today’s fast-paced world, but it’s really necessary. Being authentic brings a lot of happiness, satisfaction, and peace inside you, and it makes everything in your life better.

To learn more about how being authentic can make your personal and professional life better, we have Simon Alexander Ong to guide us. He’ll help us understand why being true to yourself is so powerful and how it can make your life more energized and fulfilling.

Simon Alexander Ong is an acclaimed life coach known for his dynamic energy and insightful speaking. Through his global presence in keynote talks, workshops, and interviews, Simon shares his vision, which includes insights on preventing burnout and achieving balance through holistic energy management, covering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. He believes that managing energy is key to transforming lives and careers, advocating for improved lifestyle habits and well-being in both individuals and organizations. Simon’s expertise has earned him recognition from major media outlets and prestigious brands, and his book, “Energize,” has been celebrated as a bestseller, earning recognition for its valuable insights into wellness and well-being.

Energize Your Authenticity through:
  • What is SUCCESS to YOU? And Who Do You See Yourself in the Long Term?
  • Living a Life TRUE to Your Values + Proud of Expressing Who You Are = Being Authentic Self
  • Staying True to Yourself After Achieving Success
  • Leading Yourself FIRST to Lead Others
  • 3 Key Traits of Exceptional Leaders
  • Embracing Authenticity in Organizational Culture: Fostering Belonging, Purpose, and Safety
  • Elevate Your Level of Awareness and Consciousness
  • Effective Commitments to Strengthen Your Coaching Journey with Your Client, Even Through Challenging Sessions
  • Understanding The Paradox of Authenticity and Success in Asian Cultures
  • You Must Be Willing to Do What Most People Won’t
  • Schedule Intentionally “THE ME TIME”
  • Practice The Nothing Moment
  • Understand that WORK and REST are part of the same TEAM
  • Discover What Is Your Rhythm for Your Deep, Focused Work, and Intentional Rest
  • Practice “FUN Mindset” in Your Journey and Embracing Authenticity while navigating Entrepreneurship
  • Connecting with People Through Kindness and Compassion as Your Authentic Self
β€œI never said to be like me, I say be yourself and make a difference.”
Marilyn Manson
Time Stamps:

01:57      The Authentic Energized Simon Alexander Ong Journey
06:08       Simon’s Definition of Authenticity, Leadership, and its Traits
11:06        Do You Think that Authenticity is Easily Applicable or Implemented in an Organization?
15:32        Any Distinction between Self-Awareness and Consciousness, and How do these connect meaningfully with our Authentic Selves?
18:59       Have you ever faced a situation in your coaching where your client, as you both delved deeper into their challenges and the need for more intensive work arose, began to withdraw and consider quitting? How would you address this to keep moving forward?
24:11       What do you think about The Acceptance of Authenticity in Asian Cultures? Is it challenging to fully express? What are your thoughts on that?
33:10        How Do You Keep Yourself Optimistic/Energized?
36:46 How to Practice “ME TIME” Intentionally, especially for those with a “hustle and bustle mentality?
39:52 Practice the FUN Mindset in Entrepreneur Life
41:42        Where to Find, Connect, and Know More About Simon Alexander Ong?
42:40 The Message to Her Daughter Sienna About Being Authentic

  • Reflect on moments in your life when you felt pressured to conform to societal expectations or workplace norms, even if it meant compromising your authenticity. How did it make you feel? What toll did it take on your well-being and sense of fulfillment?
  • Consider the areas of your life where you may be sacrificing your true self in favor of pleasing others or maintaining a certain image. What are the underlying reasons for this behavior? What fears or uncertainties are driving you to prioritize external validation over self-expression?
  • Imagine a scenario where you fully embrace your authentic self without fear of judgment or rejection. How does it change your relationships, your work, and your overall sense of happiness and fulfillment?

Always remember, there’s only ONE YOU in the whole world – your unique gifts, talents, and skills are needed. Have the courage to take one bold step at a time and live as your true self. You matter!

– Be Unstoppable β€“
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